About the Artist

The Artist... Chibitized!
You want to hear about the poor soul that makes the comic!? Bless your soul ^_^. My name's Doug Bennett, I am currently 15 years old. I live in the USA and have been drawing MegaMan since I was six years old. Recognizably drawing MegaMan since, say, third grade XD. I have been a MegaMan otaku since I played MM4 on the NES. I am very proud to finally put my talent to work and start a webcomic! Unlike many people who have a gagillian strips ready in advance, I can pretty much guarantee I'll be under the gun after the first month of comics are up XD. That is because I am LAZY. And sometimes busy. But more often lazy :). BurnerMan became my favorite robot master back in '98 with Rockman and Forte(MegaMan and Bass), and I started with the alias BurnerMan X on the internet, but that has altered to BurnerMan EXE for the past three years or so. I actually have many designs for BurnerMan EXE I made before the official version was made(in MegaMan Battle Network 4). I am still recognized by my design on Rockman EXE Online. For the past two years I have attended Otakon, one of the largest anime conventions in the USA, meeting up with other members of the MegaMan/Rockman community. At Otakon '04, Terra of Stardroids.net held a MegaMan Battle Network 3 tournament, and I ended up winning first place ^_^. To contact me or visit my other links, please go back.

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