Stardroids.net- another hand drawn comic run by Terra, who I have been foretunate enough to get to know ^_^.
Awesome shorts, and Awesome storylines! Just awesome!

Enker's Tale

A hand drawn comic focusing on Enker in the era of 21xx! This artist has a cool story and unique drawing style, be sure to check it out!

Reploid Legacy Homepage

Reploid Legacy is a game made with RPG Maker 2000, which deals with a crossover of legends, X, and Original series.
Very cool, I reccomend trying it out!


EraS, a rather new website, is a collection of Fan-made MegaMan artwork of official quality.
I don't consider my art good enough to be on there! ^_^;;

Purple Ruby Red

The fan site of my good friend RubyChan! It contains both art galleries and info on the Rockman Zero series.

Stage Select

Another hand-drawn webcomic, Stage Select features the hilarious antics of Bass and the other Robot Masters, with other stories mixed in!

July Street

This webcomic is authored and drawn by a friend of mine. While his art skills need /some/ work, he's pretty witty and you'll likely laugh a few times reading it.

Abnormal Gravity

A cute hand-drawn and CGed comic featuring the Robot Masters and their antics.


The site belonging to the talented Mana! If you haven't seen Mana's art or heard of her... what's wrong with you!?


The site of the web-reknowned artist IRA! Definately Check it out- He has made some flash games too! :D

Rockman Tanjou

This site is really nifty- Fan translations of Japanese Rockman manga, and lots of them! Check it out!

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